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Unlocking the Power Within: Exploring Debs Vibes' Reiki and Metaphysical Offerings

I don't remember where she found me. But I first met Deb from Deb's Vibes when she invited me to sell candles at a spiritual craft fair she was hosting.

I had fun at that event and met some wonderful people. And that's also where I was introduced to Deb's products.

We sell some of the same types of items. But every creator puts their own spin and energy into their work. And I adore her creations.

She also teaches locally and has an interesting story. I'll let you discover more on your own. But here's a snippet from her bio:

The last few years – Deb has turned her focused on natural healing modalities and continues to focus on finding new more natural methods of healing for herself and her family and friends. Deb considers herself to be an Omnist. Deb is a certified Reiki Master and is also certified in Chakra, Crystals, Astrology, Sound Healing and many other like topics. Deb has been an energy healer for many years and has always been involved with nature and how to bring a more natural approach to everyday life. She is an artist who enjoys bringing her inspirations into her Reiki practice. Deb utilizes her entrepreneurship skills every day to create and manifest new ways to add more natural energy healing modalities into her everyday life.

I'm glad to have met Deb and I hope you take some time to learn more about her and her offerings.


TikTok: @deb1sartoris1

Have a great day and many blessings! - Veianya :)

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