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Make a Protection Spell Jar

I love these little spell jars. They're small enough that you can keep them wherever feels right to you. I've even known some people who keep them in their purses.

They also make great little gifts or stocking stuffers to give out.

Good for protection of all kinds. Also great for keeping negative energy away.

Here are the ingredients. I've listed some of the items that I've used in the past, but it's all up to you. For transparency's sake, I might earn a commission if you purchase any of the linked items below.

When it comes to many of these ingredients, you probably have at least some of them at home already. You can also find a lot of this stuff at the dollar store and Walmart if you shop there.

How to make protect spell jars:

  1. Choose your spell jar.

  2. Break one of the cinnamon sticks so that you have a couple of long enough pieces to fit into the spell jar. Place them into the spell jar.

  3. Break one of the bay leaves so that you have a couple of long pieces that will fit into the jar. Place them into the spell jar.

  4. Pour some of the clear quartz crystal chips into the spell jar.

  5. Pour some of the obsidian crystal chips into the spell jar.

  6. Add two or three little sea shells to the spell jars (feel free to omit them if you don't have them or if they don't resonate with you).

  7. Fill the rest up with rose petals.

  8. It's important not to pack it too tightly. You want some room to be able to shake everything around.

  9. Place the lid back on your spell jar. Now you could stop here if you wanted to. The wax and the charm aren't's all just preference.

  10. Take some twine and a charm and tie it around the bottle. Cut off any excess pieces of twine.

  11. Light one of the black candles and (very carefully!) drip the wax over the top of the spell jar until you're satisfied with how it looks.

While I'm creating these I like to listen to witchy music and put my positive mood and intentions into them.

When they're done you could bless them in all sorts of ways. You could use moonlight, prayer, sound, energy healing, etc.

And that's it! Have fun and let me know in the comments if you make your own protection spell jars. Have a great day and many blessings. - Veianya

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