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Transform Your Mind and Look with Reiki and Beauty Techniques


About Glam Healer

Veianya is an alternative healer who uses Reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, crystal healing, and Angel healing to promote inner peace and relaxation. She is also a skilled makeup artist and is currently working as a brow tech while pursuing esthetician training. With Veianya, you can experience the perfect blend of beauty and holistic healing.

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“With an open mind and the willingness to grow spiritually, anyone can truly heal their energies and themselves” - Veianya

Empowering Your Inner and Outer Beauty


Eye Makeup Accessories

Coming Soon

- Lash services

- Spray tanning

- Tooth gems

- Permanent jewelry

- Lip blush

- Threading

- Hyaluron pen

- Metaphysical classes


Client Love

This was my first Reki experience and it was awesome! Vieanya was very patient, polite and made me feel very comfortable. She answered every question and asked if I had any questions during the proces

J Dansby

Amazing! Veianya was very kind and considerate, she made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole session. This was my first Reiki cleansing- Showed up feeling quite sluggish and down but I definit

A Salazar

Veianya is truly Gifted and is quite Phenomenal! Her 10 minute Reiki sample at the Phoenix Psychic Fair Blew my mind and literally stopped me in my tracks to get her info. Her effects of pure good cal


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